Sunday, November 30, 2014

this means Warlingham

The boys went down 36-22 to Warlingham today. It was a terrific game though, and the score flatters the oppositions who got two converted tries at the death; one from an interception of a pass from Charlie at scrum half, and then another opportunistic effort when our heads went down realising that the game was probably beyond us.

Up until then it had been nick and tuck. We got four tries - including one for the Bomber - so we'll get a bonus point and the team  will learn more from this than they did from spanking Camberley a fortnight ago.

I can't resent Warlingham. They seem like decent folk. One of their players came and put an arm around Charlie's shoulders when he was disconsolate about giving away the penultimate try. I thought that was a noble gesture.

Chris Robshaw started out at Warlingham by the way, trivia fans.

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