Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Random local news

Coffee in the Wood was anointed as one of the top local cafés and coffee shops in London at the Time Out Love London Awards 2014 last night.

This, and Andy S having to go an see his offspring in a school play, reduced the pub quiz team to me, Raph and Spike. They are both in their twenties and don't drink  (or perhaps drink so little and rarely that there's little or no difference). This bizarrely made me start to feel like something of a lemon as the evening wore on and I got more lubricated.  Perhaps, and after the lost weekend, a dry spell is in order? Tricky during the autumn internationals though.

I have also discovered that Raph's brother Carl is in the the critically acclaimed The Scottsboro Boys which has transferred to the West End following a sold out run at the Young Vic. I should try and catch it.

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