Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thai Food

Given my new found enthusiasm for all things Thai, I have started looking at my copy of David Thomspon's magnum opus seriously for the first time. (I bought it as a souvenir after eating at Nahm when I stayed at the Halkin a few years ago but I never sat down and read it thoroughly.)

What a remarkable book it is. I'm already over a hundred pages into it and I am still on Thai history and culture. I haven't even got to a recipe yet. I've cheated and peeked at a few dishes and the accent seems to be on accuracy, authenticity and tradition, rather than convenience. All a far cry from the days not that long ago when I didn't even know what galangal was.

It looks like Ken Hom's Simple Thai Cookeryis still going to be the book I use to knock up a supper after a hard day's work, Thompson's book is still food for thought.

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