Sunday, November 19, 2006

Meat Space

El Grupo Libros nursed their hangovers with Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on XBOX360 in my house this morning before I dropped them off at the station.

When you are in need of solace, PE6 provides a strangely comforting parallel world where David Beckham is still the captain of England and Michael Owen is still scoring for them (although I am pleased to announce that Ben and I powered Wales to a victory over England that was decided in a nail biting penalty shoot out earlier this week).

I've tried to sweat my own "gentleman's head" away in the gym and now I'm taking a brief pit stop at the Mills to clear away last night's debris and settle with Garfield who fed us, before I head off on the tube to do it all again with Paul and Hugh.

"If I had all the money I've spent on drink — I'd spend it on drink."

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