Friday, November 24, 2006

Answered Prayers

Earlier this week, I posted a rant complaining about a parking ticket that I got while picking my six year old up from school. The gist of my complaint was that whoever issued the spot fine must have been hiding around the corner in order to do the dirty deed and show a clean pair of heels before I reappeared.

Yesterday - exactly a week since I had been nobbled - I came out of the gate to see a handful of uniforms in the street. Much to my delight however I found that, rather than demanding money with menaces, they were engaged in a hearts and minds mission courteously explaining the regulations to cheekily parked mums and dads who promised - in turn - to try and do better in future.

Back in August when I published a post about coming back from holiday to find that my house had been turned into a fox den, I got a call from a local journalist, so I suppose that - unlikely as it appears - it is not impossible that moaning played some part in this change of modus operandi with regards to parking enforcement.

If it did and the person responsible is reading, thank you very much.

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