Sunday, November 05, 2006

Getting to Grips

I'm off for a drink with Hugh - who has featured in these pages before - as well as Dommy and his partner June - who haven't - at lunchtime. As this could get messy I've decided to feed the blog now.

Dommy and June are from Clitheroe in Lancashire and Dommy - who is still built like the proverbial outhouse - wrestled internationally when he was younger.

I'm pretty certain that that Dommy did greco-roman wrestling. I don't know a whole lot about grappling, but I've got quite intrigued by Lancashire catch wrestling lately as it seems, like Muay Thai, to be one of the styles that has proved itself in the cauldron of mixed martial arts.

I wonder what Dommy will be able to tell me about it. It seems typically careless of Britain that the discipline is better known in Japan than it is here.

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