Thursday, November 30, 2006

South of the Border

Word on the street is that the best Mexican food in London is served at El Panzon a guerrilla operation currently hosted at the unlikely venue that is Brixton's Dogstar.

There must have been a Mexican aroma in the air last night. "Eat your way around the world in London" was headed South of the border, and herself - when she came to pick up our six year old - asked if she could borrow my copy of Tortilla Soup.

And so to the Dogstar where the profit burglar and I met up with Neil MacPherson - who lives around the corner.

As an adjunct to my jerk pork research (do I ever stop working?), I went for CHICHARRON CON SALSA VERDE: slow roast belly of pork served with a salsa of fried green tomatillo, fried ripe plantain, and rice & beans.

Great food; so much of our best eating has been at places that appear unpreposessing.

We also noticed an Eritrean place on our way back to the tube station. Sometimes I think there may be no better city in the world than London for real and imaginary destinations.

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