Thursday, October 05, 2006

UP For It

Last week - after I wrote about my neighbours - Naude, who runs the the South African Radio Station down the hall, told me that he had read my blog because traffic I was sending his way turned up in his referrer logs.

I'm always surprised by any evidence that people read my ramblings but I suppose that I should carry on sharing the love by announcing the launch of UP MUSIC MAGAZINE.

I met Ben - who runs it from an office in the Mills - when Lisa of Surrey Strings comped me with some tickets for a music night that they put on at the Watershed a few weeks ago.

Although I am a bit long in the tooth to care too much about whether the drummer from the Arctic Monkeys has ever cried watching Neighbours on TV, I can tell you that the mag is a really slick and professional piece of work. Check it out, another contribution to the gaiety of nations from SW19 2RD.

(On a technical architecture level, I've told him I've got reservations about concealing the content behind a subscription barrier and keeping all the words and pictures in a monolithic flash file because I think it makes it harder for people to find and share the result of his labours.)

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