Friday, October 06, 2006


I've been reading Helen Keegan's web log since I met her at the recent Howard Rheingold dinner and we shared a tube journey home as she doesn't live too far away.

This post caught my eye yesterday:

Mobile Clubbing returns on Wednesday 11 October 2006 at London's Liverpool Street Station at precisely 19:24.

There are some rules to follow:

1. Bring your favourite dance music and walkman/mp3/ipod/phone with you

2. Arrive at the station at around 19:15

3. No dancing before 19:24

4. Spread out throughout the whole station concourse

5. When the clock strikes 19:24 DANCE LIKE CRAZY!!

6. Try not to dance in one place

7. Dance like you've never danced before

8. Dance for as long as you can

9. Enjoy :)

Don't worry, you'll be one of many (apparently) and there are also events happening on the same day in New York, Paris and Madrid.

This I have to see, even though I am likely to be too reserved to swing a shoe myself.

Thinking laterally it has struck me that "eat your way around the world in London" could combine sticking our noses into this event with sticking our snouts into the trough nearby at Bubba Helberg's Arkansas Cafe - an establishment that has been preying on my mind since June last year - which would allow us to tick another State of the Union off our list.

Opening times can be tricky round the City where tumbleweed blows down the deserted streets in the evenings and on weekends. I will have to check to see if we need to eat pre or post our disco frug a gogo.

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