Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Everyone knows someone who knows someone

A few days ago, I was enjoying a convivial beer in the kitchen with the parents of a school friend of my six year old while our offspring busied themselves with whatever it is six year old boys busy themselves.

There was a TV playing quietly in the corner,and when the station it was tuned to began to promote the new DVD of "X-MEN The Last Stand", my boy's friend's mother said, "my brother worked on that film".

"Wow," I said. "What did he do?"

"He was the second unit director."

"That's the guy who organises all the big action scenes I think?"

"Yes that's the sort of thing he does. He worked on Troy and Terminator 3, that sort of thing." She addressed her son, who had been half listening. "Did you know that Uncle Simon worked on that film?", she said gesturing at the TV.

He'd obviously been eavesdropping, becuase he replied, "you mean Uncle Simon is your brother?"

"Yes!" said his Mum.

The son went back to his game, shaking his head ruefully as if to say, "what are the chances of that happening, eh?"

When we got home I couldn't help but check the guy out on IMDB. Here he is, he turns out to be a legendary stunt man, turned stunt coordinator, turned second unit director, soon to turn director: He's been profiled in The Sun for goodness sake.

I'll come clean and admit I find this rather thrilling. This may well be an immature and uncool reaction, but I think that something sweet, innocent, trusting and irreplaceable will have died in me come the inevitable time in the future when I don't get a kick out of a similar revelation.

The profit burglar has come up with a song from his vast collection to describe my condition.Press play below, I am guilty as charged.

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