Monday, October 23, 2006

Tip Topper

I was surprised to read on the BBC website this morning that Terry Chimes - the drummer in the Clash - has become a chiropractor.

I wasn't so much shocked by the career change, it was just that I had always thought that Topper Headon was the drummer in that famous band.

It turns out that Chimes was the drummer on the UK version of the first LP but Headon was on the drum stool from the "Give 'em Enough Rope" album through to "Combat Rock" after which he was sacked because of his heroin addiction, and at which point Chimes rejoined the - by now - sinking ship.

A pebble this has dislodged with me however is that I remember - back in the early 90s I think, when we were working in Hammersmith - Neil MacPherson told me that Topper Headon had been driving the taxi that picked him up when he got a cab home after one of our many nights drinking after work.

This seemed desperately unlikely at the time, and I would certainly have taken it with a pinch of salt if any one of numerous other acquaintances had told me such a tall tale, but Neil is a South London boy of the right vintage to recognise Topper and not known as a fantasist.

I've googled it today and it seems plausible, so chalk that one up for Mr. MacPherson. It just goes to show how low smack can take you I guess.

All together now, "everyone knows someone who knows someone who's famous."

Maybe I've still got a chance of that Diana Ross pizza.

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