Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No Left Turn Unstoned

It’s been a long march down the crunchy granola path from macramé and LSD to the Web, Wikipedia and Google ........
It is timely, and passing strange, to be reminded of the fact that our emergent technological culture is just as much the offspring of the flower children as it is of Eisenhower's military industrial complex.

The barefoot, vegan Steve jobs who, before cofounding Apple, only took a job at Atari to fund a spiritual retreat to India seems a long way from the business colossus who bestrides the worlds of technology and entertainment today.

Indeed it seems odd to me - especially as we make the bulk of our income from "the man" - that I came to the business via the literary Steward Brand/Kevin Kelly/RU Sirius/Brenda Laurel/Howard Rheingold/Ted Nelson route as much as anything else. (I'm still vaguely astonished that I've managed to meet both Nelson and Rheingold over the last eighteen months or so.)

We can't all be Magic Alex can we?

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