Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OPML Kaizen

I have just noted a Dave Winer post saying that Google Co-op supports OPML for "annotations".

Here is the relevant Google page. What this means in English is that it would be trivial to produce a custom search engine based on my blogroll - as I speculated minutes ago - because my blogroll is available from Newsgator in OPML formal.

When I think that Winer to all intents and purposes gave us RSS, podcasting and OPML, I am amazed he is not lionised more. I must write a post on him one day.

(Clue: he is a hedgehog rather than a fox. The "one big thing" that Winer knows is that standards and ideas can be important because they are simple, not despite being simple; a modest insight that continues to elude everyone at Microsoft. More power to his elbow, his contemporary influence is extraordinary and - which is more, and though I disagree with him politically - positive for both technology and the broader culture.)

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