Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pole Dancing

I missed last night's mobile clubbing, not having realised when I scheduled it, that it coincided with the Croatia England game. Nothing would do for 'the profit burglar' apparently than having his backside on a seat, his eyes on the TV, and a drink in his had from six in the evening until late, so we watched the game in the King's Head.

Istrian cuisine is the food of Croatia, and quite the coming thing in foodie circles, but there doesn't seem to be any available in London, so "eat your way around the world in London" settled on booking a table in the restaurant at the Polish White Eagle Club, another long time culinary target of mine, for 8:30.

What we hadn't realised was that Poland v Portugal was kicking off at 8pm. When we got to the club the enormous hall/bar was packed to the gills with hundreds of excitable young Poles watching the game, but after we fought our way through them to the restaurant it was practically deserted.

I began with herring which I followed with hunter's stew, and Paul had potato cakes and then a knuckle of pork.

Good honest fayre which only came to £27 between us including drinks, but the real fun of the evening was just the delerious company of the Poles as they celebrated a famous and unexpected 2-1 victory over a Portugal side rated the fourth best in the world. Not a dry throat in the house.

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