Sunday, April 09, 2006


There hasn't been any crowing here for a while about my weight loss because, quite frankly, it has stopped.

I'm still exercising almost every day although I am now alternating days of aerobic and weight training because I find that I've moved up to a level of intensity with resistance work that requires a day of rest before I work my muscles in that way again.

It may be that I'm not ready to try and lose weight as opposed to noticing that I'm losing weight through exercise.

Exhibit A: Yesterday I watched Saturday Kitchen for the 45 minutes I was on the cross trainer and then went to a Polish deli in Streatham to enhance my vodka collection and pick up some cold meats.

Exhibit B: I've done my dips, pull ups and presses etc. this morning but now I'm off the the French market that is being set up in Abbey Mills.

Do you begin to see a pattern emerging?

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