Wednesday, April 19, 2006

England, his England

Now that my five year old is in school and subject to peer pressure, it seems that all my work on inculcating Welsh chauvinism in him may come to nothing. Soccer is in the ascendancy over rugby and he has become - of all things - a precociously dyed in the wool gooner. (A gooner, for my New York readership, is a supporter of the Arsenal football club.)

Does this mean that I have to back the Gunners in their semi-final clash with Villarreal in the European Champions League tonight? Being a parent is hard.

I suppose I could get used to supporting Arsenal with him, but what about England?

I started muttering darkly about fate when I was half watching a BBC programme on Monday about Pierro della Francesca's famous Resurrection fresco. The risen Christ is carrying what appears to be an England supporters' flag.

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