Saturday, April 08, 2006

Something to Remember

I worked from home on Thursday looking after my five year old who is off school for the Easter holiday. I took him swimming lunchtime - after he had watched Harry Potter and then played in the garden in the morning - and he persuaded me to let him ride his little bike, stabilisers and all, to the pool.

We had a falling out on the way back when he earned a telling off by cycling over a road rather than waiting for me on the pavement at a junction.

He cried a bit and was still sulking for the hundred or so yards back to the house. When we got there he sat in the front garden said he didn't want to come in.

"Fine," I said, "stay outside if you like."

I went in, leaving the front door open, sat down at my desk and started work.

Five minutes later he glided in wordlessly, placed a flower beside my right elbow, and went and sat on the couch.

Thus we were reconciled in a perfect moment.

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