Thursday, April 06, 2006

Live Clipboard and Microformats

I'm intrigued by Ray Ozzie's work on extending the clipboard user model to the web by building on XML, RSS and Microformats, and I had a bit of a play with it after work and before the football last night.

The two established microformats that he has built initial examples on are iCal for Events and iCard for Contacts so I used Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Restaurant and our visit to its Vodka University earlier this week for my implementation.

If you right click on the event or contact below you will be able to paste it in to the empty "holder" below. More impressively if you visit the Microsoft sample page you will be able to paste the data from my blog directly into it, and conversely take data from the sample and paste it back into "A Welsh Born Icon".

Imagine the possibilities if you could paste contacts and appointments directly from the web into Outlook.

I'm going to follow developments closely.

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