Monday, May 23, 2005

What would Jesus eat?

I have to post a link to this BBC story as real life continues to outstrip satire today with regard to grub.

It seems that a Florida doctor has published a diet book called 'What Would Jesus Eat?', saying, "if you truly want to follow Jesus in every area of your life you cannot ignore your eating habits.

"Jesus ate primarily natural foods in their natural states - lots of vegetables, especially beans and lentils.

"He would have eaten wheat bread, a lot of fruit, drunk a lot of water and also red wine.

"And he would only eat meat on special occasions, maybe once a month, just like the parable of the prodigal son who ate fatted calf."

Although I was hoping for tips on what to do if surprise guests drop in when you have only loaves in the larder and fish in the fridge, this is great stuff.

The best quote in the story however does not belong to the book's author Dr. Don Colbert, it comes from the Reverend Dr Gordon Gatward, director of the Arthur Rank Centre (!), who observes "some of the stricter religious people have accused Jesus of being a wine bibber and a glutton because Jesus did like parties".

I love the idea of some Ned Flanders figure deprecating the Lord for an indulgent lifestyle, but I can't help wondering if Dr Gatward's imagination has not run away with him on this one.

I would want not be so uncharitable to accuse him of an inconscious Porkie Pie; another item unlikely to feature in the "what would Jesus eat?" diet.

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