Friday, May 06, 2005

Old Labour

So Blair and co. are returned for a third successive term. I watched the coverage deep into the night after I got back home at just after eleven. My God it was dull. I found myself yearning for MPs more like George Brown, the deputy leader of the Labour Party during the 1960s.

A noted drinker, George's finest - though very likely apocryphal - hour came at a London diplomatic reception. As the band struck up the first number, he approached a potential conquest in a long, red velvet dress and asked, "Beautiful lady in scarlet, may I have the next dance?"

"Certainly not!" came the reply.

"Why not?" asked George.

"In the first place you are drunk. "In the second, this is not actually a waltz but the Hungarian national anthem; and, thirdly, I am not a beautiful lady in scarlet, I am, in fact, the papal nuncio Archbishop Mancini."

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