Friday, May 27, 2005

WBI Wannabee?

Back in March, I wrote about the abomination in the sight of God and man that is the Brown and Root building in Colliers Wood. (Note to self - as Brown and Root are owned by Halliburton, is there not some conspiracy theory angle that may be teased out here?) The tower was in the news then as it was topping polls to decide which of the country's most hideous buildings deserve to be demolished as part of a Channel Four programme.

This week the Wimbledon Post reports more Channel Four inspired shananigans under the headline 'BLACK TOWER' STUNT PLUNGE.

SOME people have called the Brown and Root Tower an eyesore so ugly it makes them want to hurl themselves off a tall building.

But last week one daredevil did just that - jumping off the top of the block, known as the Black Tower, in Colliers Wood High Street.

TV presenter Steve Jones was on the scene as a volunteer leapt from the roof as a stunt for the pilot episode of a new TV show called Chicken.

Is it possible I wonder that Welsh Steve (born in Tylorstown, Rhondda, Wales, in 1977) has an ulterior motive, in staging the stunt at a landmark I pass on my way to and from work each day? The rumour mill suggests that he may have impressed himself on Halle Berry and Pamela Anderson, but I am made of sterner stuff.

If he had jumped himself, I may have judged him less harshly but for now, he is no Lawrence of Arabia and he has failed to satisfy the examiners that he is a worthy to be judged a Welsh born icon.

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