Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Fog machine

Sussex Police are selling a fog making machine on the Police online auction site that my company runs. It will only be up for a week. Do any budding film makers fancy it?

According to the manufacturers, you can use it to stop the spread of epidemics (e.g. to combat DHF or malaria mosquitos), to disinfect stables in animal husbandry, or to inhibit potato germination, as well as to to produce special effects for the film industry.

How did you ever manage without one? Bid here.

The Police tried to find the owner for over a year, after it really fell off the back of a lorry. The lorry was travelling North on the A283 at Northchapel, West Sussex. When the lorry went over a bump, the machine fell off but the driver didn't stop. Perhaps it was foggy?

(Here is a primitive attempt to show where it was lost on a Google map.)

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