Sunday, February 01, 2004

Times Online - Sunday Times

Times Online - Sunday Times: "Will somebody please find Charlotte Church an acceptable boyfriend? It?s increasingly clear that the songstress doesn?t like being single. She?s been linked with three men in as many months. After ditching bad-boy DJ Steven Johnson, she had a brief fling with jobless Cardiff lad Kyle Johnson, then had a holiday romance with posh rugger bugger Ed Foy. Her taste in men vacillates wildly between the clean-cut and the cad. Perhaps the most suitable candidate for her affections would combine Johnson?s wild-man qualities with the more conventional attributes of the overprivileged Foy. Step forward Prince Harry. He?s single, doesn?t have a job and likes to party (tick the Johnson box), and he has even dabbled with drugs, which can only add to his reputation. HRH matches up well on the Foy side, too. He went to public school, loves rugby and has a multmillionaire dad, all of which means Ms Church?s mother can finally rest easy. She can have the prince round to tea, and Charlotte can keep him up all night. Everyone?s a winner."

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