Sunday, April 30, 2023

I shall die of eating an unwashed grape one day out on the ocean

29/4/23: Mia, You stood in line online to get us today's tickets. I got you this book as a thank you.
Patsy Ferran will be Blanche today. You were Blanche in Central last year, and Jessica Lange was Blanche in a production Peter Hall directed at the at Theatre Royal, Haymarket in the mid 90s before you were even born.
Your mother, your father and I all saw the same performance of that together. See chapter five "Moonlight Becomes You."
Blanche DuBois has been a thread through our lives. I am getting sentimental even was I write.
Uncle Nick
John, Lorraine, Mia and I went to the storied 'Streetcar' at the Phoenix Theatre yesterday. It was great and I will write it up another day, but I wanted to get the above off my chest first.

What a wonderful trio to have gone with. John and I have both seen the movie many times as well as seen it on stage several times. Mia did it for A-level and workshopped Blanche at Central but had never seen the film or a professional production, while Lorraine brought fresh eyes and ears to the show not having been exposed to it all. It was wonderful when we sat down over pizza and pasta exchanging opinions from such different perspectives on what we had just seen.

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