Saturday, April 29, 2023


Mum had a hip operation on Thursday in Cardiff at University Hospital Llandough. I am not sure when she will get out; a Bank Holiday Weekend can't help. I can't get back to Cardiff until next weekend, but the siblings have been in and out.

It was my sister's birthday yesterday and I am seeing my brother and his daughter, my niece, today. John, Mia, Lorraine and I are all going to the matinee of A Streetcar Named Desire in the West End.

“Everyone’s looking for the thrill, but what’s real is family,” as Dom Toretto has told us. Which reminds me; I think I have found the film for the next Ben and Jane Wimbledon Odeon followed by Wahaca 'leave your brain at home' blowout. It is released on May 19th.

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