Monday, April 10, 2023

The Easter Miracle

 Popped down to the 24 hour Tesco yesterday morning as I needed to get some black refuse bags and picked up some other odds and ends. When I got to the till, I found that I didn't have any money or cash cards in my trousers; they were still in the pockets of yesterday's discarded jeans. As realisation dawned and I was explaining to the cashier, the girl behind me in the queue offered to pay for me. I turned around to see an extremely attractive young woman with four bouquets of flowers in her arms. It was as if she was my guardian angel in the greatest meet-cute in the history of rom come. If I was thirty years younger I would have taken her up on it, just so we would have had to meet for me to pay her back. I thanked her profusely, but turned her down, though I did do it in my Cary Grant voice.

Spring in my step for the rest of the day though, and faith in human nature restored.

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