Sunday, April 23, 2023

Social lion

The Hendries had a barbecue yesterday. It had been Ollie's birthday in the week.

To everyone's dismay, including my own, it emerged that an introductory lecture on linear algebra as the foundational mathematical technique that appears to solve the problem of representing data in machine learning is what passes as small talk from me lately. This only as an appetiser before I get on to the meat and potatoes of my misgivings about its use in text classification and the identification of meaning and underlying themes in an unlabelled corpus.

Apart from that the Greek salad I brought along as a contribution to the groaning board seemed to go down well. For future reference, it was largely based on this BBC recipe though I peeled the cucumber, added roast yellow peppers, used fresh as opposed to dry oregano, included lemon juice and seasoned with cracked black pepper and a little salt.

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