Thursday, April 13, 2023

PG Tips

William Browne was Peter's grandfather and my great grandfather. "He kept the faith," says Peter who has heard that he was so stern that on his wedding day he reminded his new wife (Ellen McDonnell) as she was waving and laughing that what they had just undertaken was serious; the grumpy gene we have all inherited.

On the other hand, one day he came across a little lost girl crying on the street and brought her in. After a discussion with his wife and the parish priest, she somehow became part of the family and was brought up along with their other children; the generous gene I would like to think we have inherited.

Peter has but one memory of  her; the wonderfully random recollection that she is only person he has ever seen taking snuff. Her daughter who he called Aunty Winnie was close to his family and he loved her dearly.

I am proud to be related to and descended from such people.

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