Thursday, March 31, 2022

Make my fists

Teddy Atlas is the trainer who famously once held a gun to the head of a young Mike Tyson when he was with Cus D'Amato.  He seems to have a podcast now, and YouTube recommended this clip from it to me. Teddy Atlas on Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock - Breakdown on Form, Chris Rock's Chin.

I am increasingly bemused by the way that YouTube recommendations seem to fold themselves around my life. I have got no recollection of watching Will Smith slap Chris Rock online, nor of searching Google for it. I think maybe I just caught it on the telly.

I do remember laughing when my brother mentioned it to me on the phone. Why didn't Rock quickly step in with a short, sharp uppercut, he mused. I had to chuckle because that was exactly what I had thought. JPB still throwing a long shadow (though it is probably a feint).

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