Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Du sublime au ridicule, il n'y a qu'un pas.

The Ukrainian crisis has finally had a direct impact on my Lotus-Eater's life. Scotland's World Cup play-off semi-final against Ukraine, scheduled for March 24, has been postponed (and here comes one of the great understatements of our time) 'due to Russian invasion.' The other semi-final, Wales v Austria, will go ahead. If Wales and Scotland both won, Andy Tea (a Scot) and I were going to go to Cardiff on the 29th to watch the final. Deuced inconvenient I call it.

Though Rod M, as he pointedly reminded me yesterday, is still my official tutor on Russia-Ukraine relations; I am still allowed to do some background reading of my own.
Accessing the Putin article is a bit hit and miss this morning. I do hope that neither our masters nor "white-hat" hackers are disrupting it as that rather defeats the free speech ideals we are supposed to be upholding.

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