Monday, March 07, 2016

nothing is impossible

Last season Warlingham beat us in league 2, but yesterday (after a season in which we were both promoted) the Old Ruts U15s beat them 43-21 in Surrey's top division.

Here's Jim's match report:
Outstanding performance today from the League 1 team. Probably the best I have ever seen us play. We were 14-0 down after 10 minutes and turned it round to completely dominate the game. We scored 7 outstanding tries, including a sublime flick out the back of the hand from Wes (having brilliantly turned the ball over) which gave Sid a run in on a perfect line. It was a joy to watch.
Our forwards (once again) won us the game. They dominated Warlingham with some awesome control and power from 1 to 8. Even when Ale moved out to centre, we continued to be the better pack by far. The most pleasing thing was as we rolled on the subs, there was no change of gear – hats off to you all.
Obviously there were a few tasty moments, particularly the two nasty attacks on Ben VHO. That type of behaviour has no place on the rugby pitch. It was though to your credit that despite the moments of tension, you all stepped away and did not stoop to their level. While they disintegrated mentally, you boys just got stronger – all credit to you.
We had two boys playing up from League 4, Nathan and George – both contributed fantastically on the pitch – well done.
In two weeks, 20th March, we have a huge day at the Club. League 4 playing Guildford followed by League 1 against London Irish. Both will be properly tough games, but carry on playing as we did today and nothing is impossible. Bring it on!
The Bomber picked up the third try that put us into the lead and was immaculate under high balls all day. All Warlingham's tries were scored by their mercurial winger (Daniel I think he was called) and now that the dust as cleared I am beginning to realise that they didn't really threaten us at all apart from when he had the ball in his hands and we actually dominated throughout.

A win with a bonus point also cements us at third in the table. Two of the seven teams in the division will be relegated this year, and yesterday's victory makes us all but safe. I would have settled for that at the beginning of the season.

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