Wednesday, March 16, 2016

After School Club

The Bomber was at the Rosslyn Park 7s yesterday playing a year up for the school at  U16.

They didn't do all that well but did, at least, beat Cardiff High which was gratifying in terms of bragging rights because his cousins Mia and Isaac attend Cardiff High and are actually in the U16 cohort.

One of the games was covered on YouTube. Here's a move from Ben right at the end -

Moving from Rutlish school to the Old Ruts U15s in Surrey league 1, this weekend's results mean that we can see the likely final state of the table as there is only one round of fixtures left.
Kings will win, London Irish will be second and we will be third unless London Irish beat us and Reeds Weybridge Guildford beat Richmond Warlingham soundly enough to get a bonus point, in which case we will be equal with them on points but may be nudged into fourth by points difference as ours is only 7 better than theirs as I write.

If you had offered me scenario that before the boys' debut season in the county's top flight I would have bitten your arm off.

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