Saturday, March 05, 2016

6 Great Articles about Cows

I am back in Cardiff visiting Mum and Dad,which means I might as well be at Hobbiton in the Shire for all the access to technology I have.

Today's post was therefore queued up yesterday and you will have to amuse yourself with 6 Great Articles about Cows until I get back.
Cows Might Fly by Veronique Greenwood - What Swiss flying cows tell us about the future of the environment
Breeding the Perfect Bull by Jeanne Marie Laskas - “There once was a bull, the son of Cherokee Canyon, the grandson of Make My Day—a noble pedigree. The cowboy who designed him, who chose the semen, selected the dam, prepared and inseminated the uterus, named him Revelation.”
America is Bull by Jeanne Marie Laskas “When you get on your bull, you have to, just, be on your bull.”
The Curse of Cow Clicker by Jason Tanz - The twisted world of social gaming and how a satirical Facebook game became a hit
La Matadora Revisa Su Maquillaje by Susan Orlean (The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup) “People think that because I kill bulls I have to be really brave, but I’m not. I’m a sensitive person, and I can get super-terrified. I’m afraid of staying home by myself, and I get hysterical if I see a spider.”
The Ride of Their Lives by Burkhard Bilger - Children prepare for the world’s most dangerous organized sport

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