Monday, January 11, 2016

We are the Ovaltineys

Yesterday was a roller coaster ride with both the Old Ruts and the Seattle Seahawks.

The boys went down 31-24 to Reeds Weybridge after being 19-5 up in the first half. We got a losing bonus point for scoring four tries, which means we have five in total now. That is likely to be crucial come to the end of the season. It was frenetic stuff. The 24 all draw the game would have ended in had the whistle gone five minutes earlier would have been a fair result I feel. Their outside half was a right handful, fizzing with energy all the way through the second half. Someone less well brought up than me might well criticise the performance of the Gary Glitter look-a-like referee. I couldn't possibly comment.

Then in the evening, the Vikings led for three quarters before the Seahawks stormed back in the fourth to score all 10 of the points in the 10-9 victory points that ended Minnesota's season, but not before the Vikings had one last opportunity to snatch victory at the death only for Blair Walsh to miss a 27-yard field goal that I could have kicked, with 22 seconds remaining. I was glued to it on Sky Sports 1 from half past five until 9pm.

I must be about ten years older today than I was on Saturday from cumulative stress acquired over the two games.

I had intended to go and see Action to the Word's Dracula next Sunday night, but I think my inner meat-head win win out over the theatre aficionado, and I will be sitting down at home for the TV coverage of the Carolina Panthers v  Seattle Seahawks NFC Divisional Play-off.

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