Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why go out?

AWS: Today we are making Windows on EC2 even more powerful by giving you the ability to seamlessly join EC2 instances to a domain that you have configured with AWS Directory Service. After you configure this new feature using the AWS Management Console, the EC2 API, or the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell you can choose which domain a new instance will join when it launches. You can also seamlessly join existing instances to a domain.

Prodnose: Whatever floats your boat.

Myself: After you have joined your EC2 instances to a domain, you can use Domain Administrator credentials to access the instances via RDP (the generated local administrator password can still be used).

Sheila Heti: I wonder why I am up here on this stage when I’d rather be at home, when being at home would be so much more comforting.

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