Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wearable tomato project

Training for a marathon? Shigenori Suzuki thinks you need more tomatoes in your system. That's why, in anticipation of yesterday's Tokyo Marathon, the 38-year-old Kagome Co. (a tomato and tomato-based product manufacturer and distributor) employee devised the Tomatan, a handsfree wearable device that sits on your shoulders and feeds you tomatoes at the flick of a switch. "Tomatoes is great for sports," Suzuki explains in a poorly-captioned video on his new technology. "If we would eat tomatoes every day, the lycopene levels in our bodies increases, increases antioxidant power, and helps us to maintain our physical condition healthy [sic]." With the ability to carry up to seven medium-sized tomatoes, this is one wearable you don't wanna be caught running without.
Dr Strabismus (whom God preserve) of Utrecht has been dating a girl with a lazy eye, but they have broken up because she was seeing someone on the side.

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