Sunday, February 22, 2015

Songs of the South

In 1997 Reginald D Hunter swapped Georgia for London, in this three-part music documentary series Reg returns to his homeland to explore its rich musical heritage and sample the new South, a world he left behind with mixed feelings. Reg’s adventure is tempered by original and thought-provoking ruminations on the southern issues of race, pride and identity. A beautiful, original and hot evocation of the cradle of American music.
I stumbled on the last five minutes or so of episode 1 of this series last night after the Bomber had gone to bed. I will try and watch the whole thing on the iPlayer today. On the BBC yesterday the continuity announcer said we could explore the music from the show with BBC Music Playlister on
Reginald D Hunter's Songs of the South playlist.

I had never heard of the BBC Music Playlister up until then, but it does seem to integrate with Spotify. I wonder if I can cherry pick a few tunes to add to my Route 55 list?

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