Thursday, February 05, 2015

We've been livin' modern. Now we're gonna train old.

The wonders of the galaxy unfold before us, reaching infinitely outwards as star systems pass by. A feeling of weightlessness comes over us. Despite the building pain in our legs, Esquire feels serene, almost at peace.
Then, upbeat drums begin, sounding from the depths of the universe.
From somewhere – everywhere – in the darkness Keith Richards sings “Please allow me to introduce myself”*.
Then, with all the panache of a children’s TV presenter, the spin instructor yells “Are youuuuuu ready?” and we come crashing back down to earth.
The virtual universe is then replaced by a Windows Media Player-style light show as imagined by David Guetta, and we’re reminded that we’re a long way from space. In fact, we’re in Raynes Park at in the new ‘Immersive Studio’ at David Lloyd, just a short ride on the number 134 bus from Wimbledon tube station.
We’re here to experience the new Les Mills and David Lloyd Immersive Fitness indoor cycling studio, the UK's first workout (and one of only a handful in the world) to attempt to transport you to space, snowy mountains and video-game style environs as you cycle.
I could walk there from here, but I think I will probably give it a miss. There are more important things on World Nutella Day.

*Keith Richards sings “Please allow me to introduce myself”? Shurely shome mishtake!

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