Friday, February 13, 2015

This is now officially a thing

John, my brother managed to follow me and my Route 55 playlist on Spotify last night. I managed to follow him but drew a blank on his playlist. This one will run and run.

Playlists made me think of 2011 when I was reading Keith Richards' Life (Icons passim). I didn't really get that far with it. Not because it wasn't good - it was - but I was overwhelmed by all the music he name-checked and kept breaking off to listen to it. I thought last night what a great thing a curated list of all the tracks the book mentions in the order they are mentioned would be and - lo and behold - I fond one. It is embedded below.

This in turn led me to wonder about an audio book version and I found Life (Unabridged) [Audio Download] by Keith Richards (Author, Narrator), Johnny Depp (Narrator), Joe Hurley (Narrator). It won two 2011 Audie Awards – Audiobook of the Year and Best Biography/Memoir on 24 May 2011. Additionally, the audiobook Life was voted Amazon's No. 1 Audiobook of the Year for 2010.

Now that is an interesting proposition. I could get in from work, pour a couple of fingers of bourbon over ice, put my acoustic on my knee, kick back, start off the audio book and then switch to Spotify after any track is described.

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