Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pimientos de Padrón

I got some Padrón peppers in my vegetable box this week and remembered John telling me about eating them when he went to Spain with Juan years ago.

The intriguing peculiarity of Padrón peppers is the Russian Roulette effect. Most of them are mild, but about one in ten is super hot. Because it is impossible to distinguish the hot pepper from the milder pods, eating a portion of Padrón peppers is like taking your life in your hands. There's a Spanish saying: "Pimiento de Padrón, pequeño pero matón", which translates roughly as "Padrón Pepper, a teeny-weeny thug".

I'm hoping for something similar if 24 Pesos serve up old-school meat and potatoes blues on the Abbeyfest bandstand tomorrow might, some of the jazz has been a touch bland over the last six weeks or so if  may venture to opine.

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