Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh, my Friends, be warned by me

Strange to remark I didn't manage to leap from my bed at the break of dawn and make it to yoga.

Rum punch and the blues are to blame. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh, and by the way:

A footballer in an FA Cup preliminary round match was shown the red card for pulling down his shorts in front of the referee.

AFC Croydon Athletic midfielder Louis Blake was brought on for his club debut in the second half of his club's game against Colliers Wood and was called up by the referee for wearing underwear that clashed with his kit.

The ref then demanded that the player be sent off the field to find a replacement pair.

Blake, 21, returned to the pitch without any underwear on.

On the referee's request that he "prove" he had changed his shorts, the young player complied and pulled on his shorts "to show him there was nothing there", only to be sent off for flashing the ref.

"I was gobsmacked, I was shocked and I was angry. I just pulled my shorts forward a bit to show him there was nothing there and he gave me a red," said Blake.

"How else am I meant to prove I’ve got nothing on down there?

"All I wanted to do was make a good impression on my debut and now I’m probably going to have to miss three games."

When the going gets weird the weird turn pro.

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