Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hi, I'm Dr Strabismus and I'm a bucolic

It’s nearly 11am, the cricket is about to start, the radio is on and the milkman has just arrived with milk for the weekend.
In the distance the sun is warming up the Sussex Downs; this is the countryside, this is England. If Andrew Murray and Cliff Richard rode past my window on a tandem and waving it wouldn’t be a surprise.
But back to milk and how wearable technology is producing better milk on our doorsteps. Eight million people in the UK now sport wearable technology, but animals wear it as well.
One such technology is something called MooMonitor, a necklace worn by cows that monitors cows’ health and fertility. Its owners describe it as ‘dairy SatNav’ and say that the MooMonitor’s technology is replicated in rockets and torpedoes.
There's a farm called Misery, but of that we'll have none
Because we know of one
That's always lots of fun (Ha ha!)
And this one's name is Jollity; believe me, folks, it's great
For everything sings out to us as we go through the gate

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