Friday, August 09, 2013

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold

To celebrate eight decades of publication Esquire magazine had promised to bring us it's eighty greatest ever stories in ten volumes of eight pieces each (Icons passim). The effort seems to have fizzled out, temporarily I hope, after three though.

To slake my thirst I have dug into the archives to discover that on the magazine's 70th anniversary Gay Talese's 1966 Frank Sinatra Has a Cold was declared the best piece they ever published and that five years later they anointed the seven best ever up to that time.

Thus will have to take the strain until the Esquire Eighty project kicks into gear again, even though I have already read three of them in the 2013 vintage collection.

(Interesting to see Harlan Ellison (Icons passim) turn up in a cameo in the Sinatra story.)

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