Monday, August 12, 2013

El Pitbul

The Bluebirds last night completed the record £9.5m capture of Chilean international Gary Medel as Malky Mackay made his most mouth-watering signing yet.
Medel will be the hard man of the Cardiff midfield as they embark on their debut Premier League season, with English officials sure to be having a few sleepless nights over the coming months.
The 26-year-old was sent off four times last season alone.
One video shows Medel sent from the field during a Copa del Rey match against Atletico Madrid that resulted in the new Bluebird remonstrating with stricken victim Diego Costa before being forcibly removed from the field by team-mates.
As he is departing the pitch, Medel launches a violent kick at a plastic chair located at pitchside, sending the temporary seating flying towards two police officers watching from the sidelines.
In a separate incident, Medel was sent off for slapping new Swansea City recruit Jose Canas during a match with Real Betis - a rivalry that is sure to add extra spice to the forthcoming South Wales derbies in November and February next year.
Gary Medel was born to become a folk hero at Cardiff City.

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