Monday, June 03, 2013

Welsh War Z

Brad Pitt's new movie "Word War Z" (Second Unit Director Jonnie's Uncle Simon dontcha know) has premiered. The Torygraph review is lukewarm, but I am intrigued.
Lane (Pitt) travels from Philadelphia (played on-screen by Glasgow) to Nova Scotia via New York, New Jersey, South Korea, Israel and Wales, and almost nothing that happens along the way has the slightest effect on the film’s final outcome.
New York, New Jersey, South Korea, Israel and Wales?
The Welsh finale, in particular, looks spectacularly cheap, and the screen-stretching vistas and computer-generated hordes from earlier in the movie are nowhere to be seen. In their place is Peter Capaldi, who plays a World Health Organisation director hiding out in a bunker near Cardiff, and when you first glimpse him in an otherwise empty office you wonder if Malcolm Tucker has somehow saved the day by swearing the zombies into submission.
That I have to see. Hats off to

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