Sunday, June 16, 2013

etched bold in legend wherever men revel and quaff

Tickets, though only for the evening performance, are now available on pre-sale at the Odeon for The World's End which can only mean (Icons passim) that an early showing on August 20th followed by the Oliver Reed pub crawl draws inexorably closer. My brother is even coming up from South Wales for it. Be very afraid.

Myself: Oliver Reed! By my beard! Tell me, was I with you last night?

Reed: Huhuhuhurr! Indubitably! We quaffed a few... aswerve... and quaffed and quaffed again.

Myself: Well the damndest thing! I appear to have lost me leg.

Reed: Yes! You bet it!

Myself: I what?

Reed: You lost your leg in a wager (holds up a severed leg).

Myself: What bloody wager?

Reed: You bet you could piddle on Nelson from one of the lions...(throws leg away).

Myself: What about the sex change operation?

Reed: Ah... you... noticed.

Myself: Noticed! I woke up this morning with a hangover and a pair of titties! I'm a bloody woman, Oliver! Me didgeridoo's been turned inside out!

Reed: It was... double or quits...

Myself: Why didn't you stop me?

Reed: I fancied a quickie.

Myself: My God! You didn't have me?

Reed: 'Course I had you, wench! You were a womannn!

Myself: I think I'm going to be sick again...

Reed: Again?

Myself: Yes... I think I'm having a baby.

Reed: Oh, what a night! It shall be etched bold in legend wherever men revel and quaff!

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