Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Board, Bored, Bawd

Today, Kent's block is part of the Cabinet Office and hosts official meetings. Its fine board room retains many of Kent's original features. It is about 30 feet square and 25 feet high. and contains the large carved table where the board members sat, and an impressive chair of state, bearng the royal monogram. Seated on the beautifully carved and golded chair, with its lion's-paw feed, dolphin's arm-ends and crimson velvet upholstery, the king preseided over ministerial meetings of the Treaduey board and read the King's Speech on the day before Parliament met. George III was the last king to do both.
As of yesterday I can add the Treasury board room to the list of remarkable venues in which I have taken meetings. The West Dean Library (Icons passim) and several rooms in Buckingham Palace (more Icons passim) also spring to mind.

I've been to Google's molar-grindingly quirky London offices as well now I come to think of it, but I just found them twee and affected. What do you think?

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