Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I noticed this tweet on Friday (our office is above Julia Boggio's studio) and followed the link serendipitously to find:
AS CAREER trajectories go Noah Francis Johnson's is more than unique.
Ticking more boxes than a stage-worth of Britain's Got Talent try-hards, Noah is a former professional boxer, a world freestyle dance champion, studied for the priesthood and - this is where it gets interesting - has the sort of voice that makes people sit up and take notice.
"The one constant has been the music," says Noah, 49. "It's who I am." Born in Tiger Bay, South Wales, Noah's father was a dedicated yet struggling musician who took him on the road at just eight years old, dipping in and out of working men's clubs as they went and witnessing the rough with the smooth along the way.
Fancy that. I was in school with his brother Frankie, another song and dance man.

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