Friday, April 12, 2013

South East Police Hosting Services Agreement

There is an interesting contract on Tenders Electronic Daily today. Interesting to me that is, as opposed to exerting a strange fascination on the whole human race.
Short description of the contract or purchase(s)
The following UK contracting authorities shall be able to use the contract:
- Police and Crime Commissioner Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (
- Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley (
- Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey (
- Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex (
Surrey Police on behalf of the following police forces: Surrey Police, Sussex Police, Thames Valley Police, Hampshire Constabulary (“the Forces”) are procuring Hosting Services and associated Migration Services to:
- improve the resilience of their hosting services,
- improve the agility of the hosting services,
- to leverage economies of scales through shared provision, and
- to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.
The framework is envisaged to include, but not be limited to, the following:
- the provision of co-located services ie Force's infrastructure at supplier's Data Centre,
- infrastructure as a service,
- software and applications as a service,
- SAN,
- Load balancing,
- assistance with the migration of existing services to new services, and
- consultancy and professional services.
The new services will be required to conform to security accreditation IL3 (RESTRICTED) and, potentially, IL4 (CONFIDENTIAL) security standards and Tier 3 and, potentially, Tier 4 Data Centre Hosting standards.
The supplier will be responsible for the design, service provisioning and supply, implementation, testing, commissioning, transition and migration, project management, and provision of a range of service management and support arrangements.
The supplier will be required to provide a service catalogue in order to assist the Forces in the procurement of services day-to-day. The service catalogue will list products, services, resource, service levels, and associated service charges. The services catalogue will assist the partnership between the winning supplier and the Forces to ensure the business and operational requirements are supported throughout the period of the agreement.
It should be noted that the Forces are not able to make a commitment to volumes at this time with each Force at varying stages of their infrastructure lifecycle.

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