Monday, April 22, 2013

Cardiff City FC Championship Champions 2012/13

When we were small our Dad would take us to watch the Old Boys playing on Saturday afternoon. I would always find myself in some rugby club or other watching Final Score at the end of Grandstand (either Doctor Who or Basil Brush would be on next) drinking lemonade and eating crisps.

The football results appeared on a device dubbed the Teleprinter, which displayed them one nerve-wracking character at a time to the thump of the printer hammer hitting the paper. It always spelled out C-A-R-D-I-F-F-C-I-T-Y-0 and they were always battling relegation from League Division Two to League Division Three.

I heard the mantra so regularly the team might as well have been called "CardiffCityNil" as far as I was concerned. Yet next year they will be back among the elite for the first time in over half a century after winning the Championship.

Raise your glasses and get misty eyed wishing you could still read the story in a pink Football Echo.

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